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I'm with you on this and I've stopped banging my head against this wall. Here are my findings.

(Same findings as mine, which demonstrates that Rogers' "It's your fault, fix your own equipment" response is wrong.)

For TSN programming I always record on TSN2-5 when available, not TSN1. I noticed this on an F1 programme that I recorded last year on TSN1. Luckily I also had it available on say TSN5.

For Global, I usually watch the American channel when available (like say Colbert) which has DD5.1 available instead of the DD2.0 on Global. For Global News at 11PM, unfortunately, that option is not available but I rarely watch that any more.
Thanks for confirming that this latest problem isn't just on the feed they're sending me.

You'd think Rogers would understand that it's in their best interest to talk to their suppliers to try to get these problems resolved because otherwise they're providing a sub-par product to their customers, but of course that's not how the telco industry in Canada works. Grrr.

WNED (PBS Buffalo) used to do that annoying thing you mention where they broadcast a 2.0 program by sending it in the L and R channels of a 5.1 signal, making sure that most (all?) audio equipment at the viewer's end is unable to apply surround processing or even move anything to the centre channel speaker. Fortunately they smartened up a few years ago.

On TSN1 since it got downgraded to 2.0, I notice a lower audio level as well as less use of the surround speakers (compared to a proper 5.1 signal from the same game on another TSN channel) when my receiver processes it to surround. It's subtle, but still noticeable. That's what first clued me in, and then I paid attention to the front panel of the receiver to figure out what was going on.

Maybe if/when I have some time and nothing better to do with it than deal with the government I should get in touch with the CRTC and see if they have any way to bash heads together at some combination of Rogers, Global, and TSN to get this resolved. But I can't say I'd be confident that would lead anywhere, either.

Also, 57, thanks for the warning about Ignite being even dumber in its audio. I'll add that to the list of reasons to avoid it, along with the time limit on how long you can keep recorded programs and the fact that the "PVR" becomes a paperweight during cable outages since your recorded programs aren't stored locally.
321 - 321 of 321 Posts