by Christina Peden

Rogers confirmed yesterday that they have cut “several hundred” middle managements jobs across Canada, along with 15% of executive positions at the vice president level and above.

Rogers CEO Guy Laurence in May announced a new plan for the company, dubbed Rogers 3.0, in a bid to overhaul the customer service process and win back consumer confidence in the telecommunications giant.  Laurence admitted at the time that the company has a difficult road ahead, and these latest cuts demonstrate that.

The Rogers 3.0 plan, set to roll out over the next three years, is based on seven strategic priorities:
  1. Be a strong Canadian growth company
  2. Overhaul the Customer Experience
  3. Drive meaningful growth in the business market
  4. Invest in and develop our people
  5. Deliver compelling content anywhere
  6. Focus on innovation and network leadership
  7. Go to market as One Rogers

“These decisions are never easy,” company spokesperson Patricia Trott told the Toronto Star . “The goal is to become a more nimble, agile organization with much clearer accountabilities. Savings will be reinvested in areas like training and systems to better serve our customers.”

Rogers has more than 10,000 employees nationwide.