Rogers Cable Inc., a subsidiary of Rogers Communications Inc., is Canada's 2nd largest cable television service provider with 2.3 million basic cable subscribers with almost three-quarters being of them also subscribing to digital cable.

The company, which offers cable service to 3.66 million homes in Southern Ontario, New Brunswick and Newfoundland and Labrador, competes with satellite services Bell Satellite TV and Shaw Direct.

Rogers was one of the first cable-system operators in Canada, having secured licences covering much of the city of Toronto in the mid-1960s. Since that time, the company has purchased many cable systems including Canadian Cablesystems, Maclean-Hunter Cablesystems, and Aurora Cableystems.

In Ontario, Rogers offers standard and high definition digital cable set top boxes from Cisco Systems plus the 8642 high definition personal video recorder (HD-PVR) which is available in three capacities: 160, 320 and 500GB.

In Atlantic Canada, Rogers offers digital cable set top boxes and personal video recorders from Motorola. Rogers Digital Cable equipment sold in Atlantic Canada cannot be used in Ontario.

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Rogers Cable forum -  is for members to discuss Rogers Cable TV billing, programming, customer service and all non-PVR cable set top boxes.

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Rogers Cable - Atlantic Canada - a special Forum for Rogers Cable customers in Atlantic Canada who use Motorola Equipment.
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