Rogers Cable in Ontario announced today enhanced search functionality on its cable set top boxes which have Quick Start Menu functionality.

The new search lets customers look for shows airing in the next seven days by program title, keyword, actor, director, genre or channel name and number.

Rogers says the Search functionality does not work on all set top boxes. Owners of Cisco 8642HDPVR, Cisco 4642HD, SA 2000, SA 2010, Pace 551 and Pace 501 set top boxes will not be able to take advantage of the enhanced search capabilities at this time.

The company notes that customers with a Quick Start Menu set top box may need to reboot their device in order to update their search capabilities.

Once rebooted, users can press the * on their remote to invoke search. Use the arrows on the remote to enter the first few letters of your search. After a few letters, intuitive search results should start to appear on the right hand side of the screen. Once they appear, toggle over to the results to the program you're looking for and press record.

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