Rogers Cable today rolled out a minor revision to its Quickstart marketing menu after complaints from digital cable customers in Ontario.

The update introduces a new menu option on Rogers set top boxes which allows users to change the order in which the QuickStart menu appears.

Much to the chagrin of Digital Home readers, the update does not allow users to get rid of the Quickstart marketing screen; rather it simply gives users an option to see their electronic program guide prior to having to view the Quickstart screen.

Digital Home readers complain the new marketing menu is more about style than substance and simply another effort by Rogers to shove advertising messages in front of them.

Subscribers tell Digital Home that they don't want additional screens rather they simply want Rogers to redesign and improve its tired 2004 era Interactive program guide (IPG) with its 4:3 aspect ratio.

In an informal poll of 303 users on Digital Home, 236 or 78% of Rogers Cable users rated the new guide "terrible" while 280 or 92.4% of users rated the new guide "somewhat negatively" or "terrible".

If you are a Rogers customers wishing to change the settings on your set top box to its old behaviour where the electronic program guide appears when you press "Guide" then here’s how to modify the settings:
  • On remote, click the guide button
  • Select “Self-Service”
  • Click “Change GUIDE Order” option
  • A screen that looks like this will appear:

  • Select one of the following options: “Quick Start menu first” or “TV Listings first.” (Your option appears in red)
  • Repeat for each digital box in your home.

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