Without any fanfare, Rogers Cable in Ontario this week began rolling out new firmware for the company's popular 8300 dual tuner HD PVR.

Firmware SARA began rolling out on Tuesday and should be available to all 8300 HD owners in coming days.

A complete list of new features in the new firmware has not been released by Rogers; however the following is a list of updates that have been confirmed by Digital Home readers.
  • Recording Bookmarks have been added so you can start back up where you left off in a previous viewing session.
  • The fast forward or rewind status bar displays the time offset, in minutes, from the start of the program. It is also divided visually into 15 minute sections.
  • New font/format for Interactive Program Guide (IPG) and Information screens.
  • IPG shows unsubscribed channels in grey.
  • Page up or down will jump 15 minutes
  • Option to enable/disable Described Video
  • Padding of weekly programs works (adding a minute or two to scheduled recordings)
  • The ability to block titles under "settings".
  • The ability to block certain times under settings.
  • Press the select key when watching a music channel (Galaxie, FM, etc) and the screen saver comes up immediately.

While the firmware upgrade has been welcomed by many, the update also seems to have brought some unwelcome problems for others. Digital Home readers have complained that the new updates have made the 8300 HD PVR less responsive to remote control input such as when trying to Fast Forward or Rewind. Some readers also complain of lost recordings on their external hard drives.

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