Rogers today formally announced the roll-out of TV Call Display, a new service that allows incoming calls to be immediately displayed and managed on a customer's TV screen.

The service will be offered at no additional charge to Rogers customers in Ontario who subscribe to the cable giants digital cable service and digital phone service. The service is not being made available to Rogers customers in Atlantic Canada.

Once the service is active, when a call is received, a pop-up banner displaying the details of the call appears at the bottom of the TV screen no later than the second ring. Subscribers can choose to answer the phone or press exit on their Rogers remote and the banner will disappear, or select snooze to temporarily turn the pop-up off.

PVR owners will be happy to hear that if you are recording a show with your PVR, the pop-up banner will not be recorded, however, it will be recorded if you are using a VCR or DVD recorder unless you activate the Snooze setting while the TV call display pop-up banner is on screen.

Customers who subscribe to call display and voicemail can also redirect calls to voicemail by pressing the A button on their Rogers tv remote. There is a voicemail message waiting indicator option to choose to be notified on the TV screen when there’s a new voicemail.

TV Call Display can be controlled from Channel 975, where users can manage calls, view a log of recent calls and customize features such as adjust snooze times, change how long the pop-up banner appears or turn on the 'New Voicemail' notification pop-up.

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