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I searched the threads but did not find anyone with the same problem.

I just went back to Rogers after being away for a couple of years.

I have a Nextbox 3.0 connected to an Onkyo receiver via HDMI which outputs HDMI to two different televisions.

One of the televisions is in the basement, and I use the Rogers Anyplace IPad app to control the Nextbox 3.0 remotely.

The channel guide works fine, but if I go to play recorded content, when I click on Play in the dialogue for the stored program most of the time this will crash the Nextbox 3.0 resulting in a blue screen on the TV and a reboot of the box. This happens from two different iPads. It doesn't always happen on the first try, however if I start watching one recorded program and try to switch to another recorded program that will usually do it.

Is anyone else experiencing this, and do you have any recommendations on how to deal with it?
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