Rogers and Microsoft will partner on the debut of Windows 8 on October 26th with several device launches.

To help Microsoft's foray into the market dominated by mobile and touchscreen-based devices, Rogers will be the only wireless carrier in Canada to offer the Nokia Lumia 920, Windows Phone 8X by HTC (8GB) and the Samsung ATIV Smart PC tablet.

Rob Bruce, President, Rogers Communications said: "Our customers are accustomed to Rogers leading the way with exciting new mobile devices. Windows 8, powered by Rogers LTE and broadband networks, will continue this tradition and bring a powerful new multi-screen ecosystem to Canada."

The Windows Phone 8 superphones and Windows 8 tablet will be equipped with Near Field Communications (NFC), which allows you to tap devices to share information.

The longstanding partnership between Rogers and Microsoft has led to the launch of Rogers Anyplace TV On Demand on Xbox and will continue with apps such Rogers One Number for both Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 Tablets and My Account designed for tablets such as the ATIV Smart PC from Samsung.

Microsoft's highly publicized Surface tablet, which is priced at $519 in Canada, will be available only through it's own stores and online when it launches on Oct. 26.

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