Rogers aims to power over one million Machine-to-Machine connections by year-end to take advantage of the $1 billion market explosion underway.

Machine-to-Machine (M2M) solutions connect devices to back-end IT systems to enable the collection and exchange of data. Basically, it lets machines talk to each other, sending information back and forth in real time, with little or no human intervention.

Rogers is preparing to expand its technology in big data and cloud-based analytics to become a M2M market leader.

Nadir Mohamed, Rogers' CEO elaborates: "Internet is the foundation for a truly digital world and as our lives become increasingly connected we will see an explosion of valuable data for businesses, governments, healthcare providers and consumers."

Mohamed adds: "As a business, we expect to surpass one million M2M connections before end of year. To position Canada at the forefront, we are making investments in networks, strategic partnerships, and big data and analytics platforms to build a robust ecosystem that will power a connected future for Canada."

To that end, Rogers has opened three new Wireless Innovation Centres in Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal with all the latest M2M technology and enterprise mobility applications from its business partners on display.

Included in that technology mix are solutions for wireless asset tracking, wireless backup connectivity, digital signage, video surveillance, point of sale and data analytics applications.

Rogers says that hands-on demos of technology that businesses and consumers use today will be featured at the new buildings including ATMs, parking meters and GPS locating tools.

Increasingly, these new mobile M2M solutions are fueling growth in healthcare, retail, transportation, and the energy and utilities sectors.

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