In a March 22nd letter to the CRTC, Rogers Cable has admitted that its Internet traffic management practices were preventing some of its customers from playing World of Warcraft, an online interactive game played by more than 12 million consumers worldwide.

The letter was in addition to numerous complaints from Rogers customers since last November who have complained about disconnections and latency increases when playing World of Warcraft and Starcraft 2.

The online players complained to the federal regulator and Rogers that during peak periods, when Rogers actively engaged in throttling internet activtity, the online games were often impossible to play.

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In a letter to the CRTC from Rogers, the company admits to blocking the games because of a problem with its traffic management equipment. The company says it won't be fixing the problem until June.

In an attempt to deflect the fact that it is blocking legitimate internet traffic thereby violating every tenet of Net Neutrality, Rogers intimates that the problem only occcurs when customers are using peer-to-peer file sharing applications while running the game, an accusation users deny.

The truth is that shifting the blame to P2P apps is a red herring. and that customers should shut down p2p apps if they want to play online games.

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