Canadians, unsurprisingly, want to use wireless data whenever they want while travelling in the US, but remain uneasy about roaming charges.

Rogers has stepped up to alleviate the concern by introducing a new wireless roaming internet rate for US-bound travelers. For $7.99 per day, customers can access 50 Megabytes (MB) of data in the US, which is typically twice the data a Rogers wireless customer would use daily while at home.

Raj Doshi, Sr. Vice President of Products, Rogers Communications, said: "Our customers can now have the confidence and peace of mind to use their smartphones and tablets in the US to access the internet, just as they would at home. This new approach to roaming is simple and easy, and provides our customers with more cost certainty while using wireless data throughout the US."

A national survey commissioned by Rogers Communications with Head Research, indicates about 60 percent of Canadians who travel to the US have felt disconnected or out of touch without a data plan on their smartphone.

In addition to posting photos on Instagram, which 71 percent of those surveyed like to do, Canadians want to update Facebook pages (58%), use maps (71%), look up restaurants/activities (61%), check the weather (57%), and review flight status on their device (58%).

Interestingly, about two-thirds of Canadians (63%) prefer using email to inform others on how their trip is going and nearly 73 percent of pet-owners traveling south of the border would like to check up on their pets at home through email updates.

With the 50 MB of data available on the roaming plan, customers can view approximately 1,000 emails, more than 5,000 tweets, 50 maps, or 200 web pages.

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