Rogers is making it easier for multi-taskers to get the most from their NextBox 2.0 experience.

Ontario television viewers now have the Rogers Anyplace TV Home Edition application for their tablets, or as marketing types like to call, the second screen in the home.

The new app, which is now available on iPad and iPhone and launching on Android tablets and smartphones before the year's out, makes it possible to use advanced search, a virtual remote control, live stream news, sports and entertainment, and remotely manage and set PVR content.

John Boynton, executive vice-president and chief marketing officer, Rogers Communications adds: "By offering TV management features, in addition to live streaming on tablets, customers can control content from a second screen without interrupting what's currently on their TV."

The app also allows live streaming of 25 channels in the home on a tablet providing you also have a Rogers Digital TV subscription and are connected to Rogers Hi-Speed Internet.

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