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Not a big deal according to Rogers’ lawyer, a simple change in the policy will quickly resolve the issue.

“We have determined our best response to this situation will be to update our ITMP disclosure on our website to reflect this new information. We are in the process of making those changes to our website and will provide you with the modified ITMP [traffic management policy] disclosure as soon as it has received approval by Rogers’ management,” he wrote to the CRTC.
Okay....Let me get this straight....

Hypothetically, if you signed up for roger's HSI, based on their existing policies at the end of August 2010, and bundled in your existing TV and wireless services (which may have automatically reset your contract dates), they can go ahead and change the policy, and NOT notify you? You are required to find an obscure website to find out the policy, and thus the terms of agreement, have unilaterally changed with no recourse?

Of course the Roger's Terms of Service is so craftly worded, that it doesn't constitute a change to your contract and thus they can charge you an early cancellation fee it you decide you don't like it.


17. We reserve the right to restrict, change, suspend or terminate your Service by any means if your access, use or connection to the Services, Equipment or our facilities is impairing or adversely affecting our operation or the use of our Services or facilities by others
Their own ToS states that they have to right to downgrade your service if your usage negatively impacts their system.

Essentially they are stating that all downloading negatively impacts their network. BS! Where's Michael Geist when you need him?
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