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The purpose of this thread is for Digital Home members to review and relay their experience with the Hewlett Packard (HP) shopping website.

This is NOT a discussion thread so please limit yourself to one post which includes your review.

We welcome the input and opinions of all members whether they are good or bad, however, please note that this thread is NOT for rants. Whether you had a good or bad experience with this vendor we want to hear about it but in an OBJECTIVE manner.

If you post a rant or childish comments like, these guys "suck" or they're all a "bunch of idiots", then your comments will be considered trolling and your post will be deleted.

When you post, please try to include the following information:

  • What product or service you purchased.
  • Approximate timeframe you ordered the product
  • What location you dealt with if it’s a company with many stores or service locations
  • Your overall level of satisfaction
  • If you had a positive experience, please explain what made it such a positive experience.
  • If you had a negative experience, please read our guidelines below.
Guidelines for Posting Negative Reviews

The truth is no retailer or service provider is perfect and occasionally even the best companies can disappoint. Our experience is that good companies have problems but they typically make every reasonable effort to resolve problems.

If you had a problem and are posting a negative review, then please note what efforts you made to resolve the problem and the feedback you received. If you think the efforts to resolve the problem were NOT reasonable then please explain why. Saying you phoned up and talked to some idiot, suggests the problem may lie with the consumer and NOT the company!

No posting URLS or Directs to Competitors will be deleted

Posts containing URL's to competitors or posts saying gee you should have shopped at this retailer will be considered spam and deleted.

We want opinions, NOT sales pitches or spam!

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I purchased a 42" plasma TV from the HP website about 6 months ago (back when they had the rebadged Panasonics). Process was quick and simple. The sales guy on the phone was reasonably knowledgable.

I no longer have this TV, as i didn't like the 'dimples' on the piano black finish around the screen. When I phone CS the person I spoke to was nice and seemed quite intelligent. He had me email him pictures of the problem, and he responsed to me emails quickly.

He agreed to have my TV picked up, and after he went to Best Buy and looked at the HP TVs there (presumably on his own time) he told me that they all seemed to have some sort of 'dimpling' on the frame, and he'd be happy to send out another TV, but wasn't sure i'd be happy with it.

In the end i ended up returning it, and even though it was now more than 30 days since i purchased it, i didn't have any problems getting a full refund (even though they had warned me when i bought it that there would be a 10% restocking fee if i returned it).

Overall i was very happy with their customer service.
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