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The purpose of this thread is for Digital Home members to review and relay their experience buying consumers electronics at Audiotronic.

This thread is strictly for reviews and is not for discussion. If you have any questions about what belongs in this thread, then please this thread prior to posting.

When you post, please try to include the following information:

  • What product or service you purchased.
  • Approximate timeframe you ordered the product
  • What location you dealt with if it’s a company with many stores or service locations
  • Your overall level of satisfaction
  • If you had a positive experience, please explain what made it such a positive experience.
  • If you had a negative experience, please read our guidelines below.

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Guidelines for Posting Negative Reviews

The truth is no retailer or service provider is perfect and occasionally even the best companies can disappoint. Our experience is that good companies have problems but they typically make every reasonable effort to resolve problems.

If you had a problem and are posting a negative review, then please note what efforts you made to resolve the problem and the feedback you received. If you think the efforts to resolve the problem were NOT reasonable then please explain why. Saying you phoned up and talked to some idiot, suggests the problem may lie with the consumer and NOT the company!

No posting URLS or Directs to Competitors will be deleted

Posts containing URL's to competitors or posts saying gee you should have shopped at this retailer will be considered spam and deleted.

We want opinions, NOT sales pitches or spam!

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In Vancouver the electronics store Sunny Electronics seems to be under the Audiotronics umbrella name. Although it's only a single location, virtually everyone that I know has heard of Sunny (especially for Sony products). Although their store front sign says Sunny Electronics Audiotronic, nobody I know knows the Audiotronic name nor refers to the store by any other name other than Sunny.

I originally bought my first Sony TV from them about 20 years ago and recently (Dec/08) bought a new 46" Sony XBR6 and model 350 blu-ray player. About two weeks later my brother also bought a (slightly different) Sony TV and the same BD player.

My experience with them was very good. I went in there with what was the best sale price for the equipment that I was looking for and within about 10 minutes we had agreed on a better price (not just price matched but beat the competition).

Now that A&B Sound had gone under, Sunny Electronics will definitely be the place that I recommend to people in the Vancouver area.


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Bad service at Audiotronic

Why? I purchased some home theatre audio equipment on the advice on the salesman that was on duty. ( Klipsch F1, RC 10, RS52, and RW12D )The salesman was given specific requirements for my needs, dedicated theater room 14x25.

The transaction went smoothly. 3 months later, after the home theatre is almost ready, the audio equipment is researched just a bit further to realize that I was sold the wrong product.

Afterspeaking with a different AUDIOTRONIC salesman, I was advised that I had purchased the wrong equipment and that I should be purchasing a more expensive type of speakers.The salesman was advised that I purchased the wrong speakers base on the advice of their own salesman. I asked if they would simply exchanged the wrong product, which was still in it's own sealed box, never openned in exchange for the more pricy speakers.

The salesman returns and gives me a web site where I could try and sell the equipment that they sold me and try a recoup my money. I even asked if they would take the entire package in exchange for a higher quality package worth a few more $$ ( Paradigm speakers )...again declined.

I called their head office to seek some advice from customer service and was told that it was my fault for buying the wrong product and further more, the fact that I dumped almost 7000.00$ in electronics in their store had no bearing on the situation.

I will agree that 3 months is a stretch to wait to have an item returned to the store, but under these circumstances it is my opinion that AUDIOTRONIC has completely failled me has a new client.

Finally, I was told by the salesman that it was my fault for talking to the wrong salesman because that salesman was not the one in charge on the audio department. I asked him if I should go around asking for resumes when speaking to one of their salesmans for advice and " was politely told to shut up "

Anyhow, I am selling all my equipment that I purchased from AUDIOTRONIC and will be seeking another store that can provide reliable service.

Beware of this store, this is the first time in almost 20 years of buying any type of product that I have been treated this way.
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