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Wow. Last year, I reluctantly took a deal I couldn't refuse from Shaw and switched from Novus. Last month, I had enough sound drop outs and pixellation from Shaw, especially in HD and during sporting events. A few days ago, I switched back.

Novus is just as I remember it. Clear, bright picture and smooth sports action. Images in HD really pop. The DVR action is fast and appears to function smoothly. Obviously, Novus has fixed the issue it had with FF/RW last year.

Not only that but the Internet is blazing. I'm getting up to double the download speed from usenet groups.

Responsive customer and tech support - no waiting!

Not that everything is perfect. While I prefer Novus' HD offering to Shaw's, I am disappointed there is no AMC HD or TCM HD. The organization of the channel guide is all over the place with little cohesion. It really needs to be organized so related channels (for example, TSN and TSN2) are all together. I believe the lineup organization is the same as I left it. It really needs to be updated.

Other than those nit picky complaints, happy to be back.
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