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Returning a digital box, do I need to inform rogers?

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I want to return a rented box, do I need to call Rogers and let them know or can I just hit the Rogers Plus store and drop it off?

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When I took back my SD STB, I just took it to the local store and they did everything.

I'm new to posting here but I'm a long time lurker. This might be the wrong thread to ask, so, apologies right up front if I'm not posting in the right place.

I've been renting the digital box from Rogers for the last 4 years now, I've been using the same one for those 4 years, and I was wondering if I could trade it in for a more updated digital box. Is that something that is typical of Rogers, do they allow it, and if so, how often can I do it? Is there a charge? Should I call Rogers ahead of time to let them know I want to get a more current digital box? If I can get an updated box, do I have to call Rogers afterwards to get them to set it up, activate it?

Thanks in advance for anyone who has any of the answers to my questions.
Rogers will only swap out the box if its not working. They don't swap at the customers request. Of course you could always stopping renting...change your mind and start renting again. There is no guarantee that you will get a new box but you could ask at that time. There really is no good reason to swap your box if it is working. There haven't been any improvements in the boxes over the last few years. Yes, Rogers now rents/sells a fancy newer PVR but the visual quality is the same and it is missing a few features. It's new MPEG 4 abilities are moot because Rogers is not utilizing MPEG 4 and I can't see them offering some programs to a small fraction of their client base.
The box is actually working fine, it's the remote that is failing. I actually called Rogers Customer Service after posting my questions here to get some info about swapping my digital box for a newer model, and I'm pretty sure I mentioned having trouble with the remote which might be why the CS Rep told me I could take the everything back for a newer model. He even gave me model numbers (3290 or 4290), told me I could bring it back to any Rogers Store and they would give me one of those models, with no extra fees or charges.

There haven't been any improvements in the boxes over the last few years.
That's something that I didn't think of until late last night. If there haven't been improvements to these newer models, it doesn't feel like it's worth it to get one, but since I do definitely have to get a new remote, I'm still debating whether to just bring everything back at once, and trade everything.

Thanks for the info.
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Rogers has no problems swapping remotes. Just be aware that there are several models, so you may not get an identical one.
I've never had a problem swapping PVRs. They don't even ask what's wrong with it. I haven't had to do it for a couple of years so maybe their policies have changed.
One more question. Is the E940 a "newer" model? It looks terrible. I called the Rogers Store and asked them if they had what I wanted to swap (the 3290 or 4290) and they said they didn't, they just had the E940, so I only swapped the remote, and it was just a straight exchange, no asking for I.D. or anything. I couldn't believe it.

Visually the E940 looks like a step down in digital boxes, there's not clock or channel window so you can see what channel you're changing to...
The E940 is relatively new, but it doesn't have a digital output for audio and doesn't have a display on the front. It's for people who like "small". Here's the thread.
i learned long ago, whenever the remote starts to degrade (eg. - have to press the volume button harder) - just take it to the store and they hand you a "new" one out of the drawer no questions asked!
Thanks for the link, 57. I see that a few people had the same sort of reaction that I did.

The remote info is good to have too. Thank you, mugtastic. My old remote was working terribly for a while and I just lived with it. Now I know better and I know it won't be a big deal to get a replacement.
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