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Resume? Sony BDPS350 Bluray

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I own a Sony BDPS350 Bluray player and was wondering why my machine won't remember where it last left off in the movie I was watching the night before. I watch most of movies in bits and pieces because I don't always have time to sit down in front of my tv for 2 hours straight.

It's getting really annoying having to see the "Attention" screen and see all that legal crap over and over again everytime I have to finish (resume watching) a movie. My Magnavox dvd player asks me if I want to resume playback. Why can't my Sony (which is clearly a higher end product) do that??? :confused:

Does anyone know if this BR machine has resume functions? IF so, how do I change it? I should be able to continue watching a movie from where it last left off. I really hate having to go into the movie's menu and go "scene selection" everytime and look for the scene. There's gotta be a way to fix this. :rolleyes:

Please help me out here.

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It works for the movie The Shining but not Cars. So you must be right, it is the disc.
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