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Resume? Sony BDPS350 Bluray

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I own a Sony BDPS350 Bluray player and was wondering why my machine won't remember where it last left off in the movie I was watching the night before. I watch most of movies in bits and pieces because I don't always have time to sit down in front of my tv for 2 hours straight.

It's getting really annoying having to see the "Attention" screen and see all that legal crap over and over again everytime I have to finish (resume watching) a movie. My Magnavox dvd player asks me if I want to resume playback. Why can't my Sony (which is clearly a higher end product) do that??? :confused:

Does anyone know if this BR machine has resume functions? IF so, how do I change it? I should be able to continue watching a movie from where it last left off. I really hate having to go into the movie's menu and go "scene selection" everytime and look for the scene. There's gotta be a way to fix this. :rolleyes:

Please help me out here.

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Does anyone know if this BR machine has resume functions?
I don't use my BDP-S350 much anymore, but if I recall correctly it did not have much of a resume function for Blu-ray discs. See the disclaimer at the top of pg. 31 of the owner's manual for details.
It's not The Player, It's the BD

Bad news folks. The problem has nothing to do with the BD player. Surprising as it may seem, "resume" capability was not built into the official Blu-Ray disc specification. BDs with a few exceptions cannot be stopped and then restarted from where the viewer left off. The fact that BD uses the Java programming platform for all those special (and mostly unused) features has something to do with it. It is most annoying that a feature that was taken for granted on VHS, Laserdisc and DVD wasn't automatically seen as necessary for Blu-Ray.
If you search this specific (BD) forum for "resume", you'll find several previous threads on the topic. For example:

It works for the movie The Shining but not Cars. So you must be right, it is the disc.
Is it possible that Sony could offer a resume function with a firmware update in the future?

It makes no sense that my old dvd player can do it and it's a rarity on BR machines. Pure stupidity if you ask me. :mad:
As a follow-up to reidw's post, see the "Resume Play" paragraph in this article.

Your DVD player had no issue with it because DVDs were not authored with Java.
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