In September, 20.1 million Canadians ages 13 and older used mobile devices according to recent estimates by research firm comScore.

The researchers, who extrapolate the ownership numbers using responses gleaned from online surveys, estimate that 40% of Canadian mobile users owned a smartphone, an increase of 7% in the past six months.

Research in Motion (RIM) ranked as the top supplier of smartphones with a 35.8% marketshare, followed by Apple at 30.1%. Google Android gained ground among the competition by doubling its market share to 25.0 over the past six months. Symbian ranked fourth with 4.2% share, followed by Microsoft with 3.2%.

When asked about how they use their mobile devices, two out of three (67.4%) mobile phone users said they used text messaging. Almost 9 out of ten (88.1%) smartphone users said they sent or received text messages on their device.

Downloaded applications were used by 40.9% of the total mobile audience, compared to 84.2% of smartphone subscribers. Mobile browsers were another popular way of accessing mobile content, used by 36.9% of the total audience and 74.8% of the smartphone audience. 39.5% of the total audience and 79.3% of the smartphone audience used their phones to stay up-to-date on the latest news. Other popular mobile behaviors included accessing maps (44.4% of smartphone subscribers), accessing bank accounts (28.8% of smartphone subscribers) and scanning QR codes (18.1% of smartphone subscribers).

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