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We’re not sure where these numbers came from but they state that Public Mobile who operates in Toronto and Montreal have a 0.02% market share with 3,584 subscribers. During the auction Public spent $53 million and have the possibility of reaching 19 million customers. They opened their doors on March 18th and with this stat is shows they sign up on average of 25 subscribers per day (it’s been 141 days since the doors opened).

In addition, Mobilicity invested $243.1-million for 10 licenses during the Canadian Wireless Spectrum Auction and currently operates in Toronto, but will expand to Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and Ottawa later this year. When it comes to subscribers the article states they have brought in 3,000 (0.01% market share) since launching on May 14th… so effective today Mobilicity has been in operation for 84 days and on average have signed up 36 people every day.
I don't know how reliable this is but if it's true these numbers are abysmal, especially with Wind rumoured to be around 100,000. Maybe first in wins really is true.

Also, later this year for Mobilicity expansion seems extremely unlikely given the complete silence from the company about any expansion since the Toronto launch.
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