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Nobody else has had this issue?

I just got Optik TV. It was great, until the screen started randomly flashing red every so often (a red tint, so that you can still see the video feed). After long enough flashing red, the box crashes. I manually reboot and it usually needs a few tries to actually reboot properly. Then I watch TV for a little bit longer, just to have the same problem. The randomly flashing red shows up at completely different times, and is totally independent of where I am in the guide or what channel I may be watching.

This has made me very angry. Right now I have been fighting with the box for an hour. Is this just a case of needing a new/replacement box?

EDIT: At the moment it is on the 'gears' screen, seemingly stuck, and it is intermediately flashing BLUE. I just want to throw this thing out the window...
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