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This AV receiver (Panasonic SA-HE70) has been an excellent unit up until recently when the speaker relays wouldn't always connect, resulting in a combination of speakers not getting amp output. Yesterday was an example, as we had guests over and we wanted to watch the Blu-ray of Avatar. On power-up, there was only sub (self powered) and surrounds. With repeated popping of the speakers/headphone push button, (you could hear the relay clicking, and it was a little anemic at first), the front centre started working, then after some time of popping the speakers/headphone button, the front right came on, but the rears dropped out, but more button pushing brought all but the front left on. Eventually, after 8 minutes of toggling the speakers / headphone button, all speakers came on. The absence of any speaker was confirmed with the "Test" button on the remote that sends white noise to each speaker at a time, showing it on the main display. When it all works, it sounds fine.

Has anyone has a relay of that complexity replaced? Or is it better just getting a new entry level surround receiver? This one ran in the price range of $300, and has worked very well. Being in an apartment, blasting at theatre
levels isn't an option. :) Everything else on it works 100%.

It routes audio only, no video is routed through it. We're using just the coaxial SP/dif and optical imputs only. Speakers are JBL 5.1 (powered sub).

Any advice greatly appreciated.


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If you search via google you will find many Technics receivers of that vintage are suffering from the same problem. (Mine does too on occasion)
If you are handy with a soldering iron the parts are about $12. From what I have read there are about 4 relays (Center, L, R, Surround).

I am at the same point you are with your receiver. Having upgraded the TV, added a media player etc. my receiver is looking like it's next to go.

If you are looking at new list out the features you would like. Do you want HDMI switching? Do you want TrueHD and dts-HD? How many inputs do you need? What kind of inputs? Do you want a phono input?

I am still in the process of hunting for the right one for me right now.
The Yamaha RX-V567 is looking pretty good at under $400.
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