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My Scientific Atlanta Explorer 3250HD stopped functioning. Symptom: rebooting but never making it "up". The lights cycled between:
Rogers was no help: they offer no repair service for out-of-warranty boxes and would recommend no other repair method. When pressed, they did say that there were places to get the box repaired but wouldn't even say whether it was a good idea.

I ended up getting the Cable Shoppe to repair my 3250HD. Although Rogers didn't tell me about CS, they should have. CS apparently does all the warranty work on Cisco (Scientific Atlanta) boxes. In fact, I followed one of their transport trucks from the 401 to their depot -- not a small operation.

The repair took two or three business days.

The receptionist (not a tech) was sure that the problem was a power supply, and it was. Their charge is $49.00 + HST. I don't get to keep the old PS: apparently it goes back to (Scientific) Atlanta. There is a 90 day warranty on the repair.

I saw a queue of machines awaiting pickup. Many had hard drives in shiny anti-static bags on top. The receptionist said that the majority of problems with PVRs are hard drive failures and the majority of problems with other STBs are power supply failures.

I phoned the Electronics Repair Depot mentioned here but they were not going to be cheaper and are not official Cisco repairers. On the plus side, it sounded as if they would be willing to repair anything.
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