There's no price tag attached yet and we're not sure what you'll be able to see, but it's coming.

Streaming TV content, while still limited in Canada, keeps on growing thankfully. Last week CBS announced that CBS All Access is going to be made available here in early 2018.

Before you get out the fancy champagne and crystal glasses though, know the details, or what little of them we’re aware of.

You won’t be able to watch everything on the streaming service that Americans can down south as Rogers, Corus Entertainment, and BCE Inc. already have the rights to some CBS content.

And CBS hasn’t revealed yet what will be available and so it feels a little too early to get super excited. But it is going to happen, and that’s good.

The bigger bit of positive news focuses on the larger picture. Experts cited on Financial feel that the move is part of the general shift away from cable TV towards streaming content, and that this will ultimately land us even more of our favourites, if we’re willing to wait.

Brahm Eiley of Convergence Research Group said he feels CBS’s plan indicates that other services like Hulu and HBO GO will eventually come to our shores.

It’s a fact that the number of Cable TV subscribers isn’t growing in Canada, at least not in proportion to the number of new households popping up, yet the number of Netflix subscribers is increasing by the millions, worldwide.

Hopefully CBS All Access will be available for a price similar to that of Netflix. In the U.S viewers pay US$5.99 per month with commercials, or US$9.99 without.

For a full list of CBS All Access programming now available in the U.S, click here .