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Okay, I think I may be addicted to this antenna building. I am planning on building another attic Gray-Hoverman, but I am working toward a design that "anybody" can build, so I want to make this one as simple as possible. I am thinking about reflector "rods" this time instead of the aluminum foil. However, in the interest of simplicity and extreme economy, I was planning to use just steel wire from my local home improvement store to make the reflectors. Will it be a complete waste of time to use 9 gauge or even 14 gauge as reflector elements? I was thinking I would use the lengths and spacing from the "standard" SBGH design. Or would this small diameter necessitate a change? Also, in aiming for simple construction, I would want to use single continuous rods rather than paired rods with the gap. Will this completely ruin me? Ultimately, it will come down to some controlled experimentation, but thought I would get some opinions here first. While I understand that deviations from the standard design will hurt performance, I am looking for the balance between simple construction and decent performance. Thanks!
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