Redline Communications (TSX: RDL) continues to help oil and gas drilling rigs in remote locations in North America and the Middle East maintain broadband connectivity.

The Markham, ON-headquartered firm announced that it has now shipped over 300 of its Rapid Alignment System (RAS) wireless nomadic systems - a networking system designed to be easily mounted on a movable or roving asset and automatically locate, aim towards, and connect to a base station.

Oil and gas drilling rigs are increasingly becoming fitted with advanced networking gear such as WiFi, switches and routers that are used to connect real time drilling systems, remotely monitor and manage sensors, connect office applications, deliver video and provide voice communications, notes Redline.

RAS's high speed long range connection capability allows rigs to become part of a larger networked system. Remotely located rigs are now able to connect to corporate systems and the Internet, whether they are 5 or 500 miles from the corporate network.

The RAS system, which was introduced commercially in August 2012, has garnered tremendous support from the oil and gas industry as well as various military services.

Eric Melka, Redline CEO reiterates: "There is great demand for all of our solutions, and our RAS system drives a large part of our success in the oil and gas market. The drive to network everything has created this momentum, and as our RAS enables networking companies to reach the tens of millions of networked devices located in remote areas, we see no signs of this letting up. We intend to help connect everything, everywhere."

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