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Am looking for a HDTV currently available in Canada with at least 3 analog (composite) A/V inputs, to accommodate a number of legacy sources (older customer-owned sat box, analog-only DVD, some ancient wheezing thing called a "V-C-R", and an occasional Wii). This is for my parents; I don't want to get diverted into upgrading that kit or setting up a home-theatre receiver. Just want to replace their CRT and ditch the pushbutton A/V switch.

My 4yo mid-range Samsung can take four concurrent analog sources (3 composite, 1 dedicated component, one shared) plus has three HDMI and a VGA too; but mfrs seem to have dropped back to a much lower number of inputs on current models. Even some sets that list "component plus composite" turn out to have one component jack set with shared Y/L/R.

It's heck trying to get this info on retailer sites, and some of the mfr sites aren't much more helpful. (Some don't have rear photos, and I've even found one that has a rear photo, but has photoshopped the input panel into a featureless blurr, I guess because the marketing prototype didn't represent the production sets; massive PITA.)

All suggestions and comments will be appreciated.

Many thanks,


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If you can't find a TV with the inputs you need, suggest an external remote-operated switch and control this (and all the devices) with a Harmony remote. (this may be less expensive) The Harmony would also help with input switching, sometimes difficult for "parents" (depending, of course).

Of course, a transcoding AVR (with a set of speakers) is anther option (which you didn't want), but it would also work and with a Harmony remote, prove easy to use, and provide much better sound than the TV.

The Harmony One (a great remote) is currently on sale at lots of places for $179 or less refurbished. Other Harmony remotes are available usually from about $40+ depending on ergonomics and capability.

Other options:

Do they actually use the VCR? If not, no need to connect. VCRs typically look pretty bad on HDTVs anyway since HDTVs show all the shortcomings of a 240 line resolution VHS signal. If they only occasionally use it, you could leave it connected with the manual switch.
A new DVD player with HDMI output is under $50 and a BD player is under $100. That would gain you one input and also provide much better picture quality on an HDTV than that old analogue unit.

PS, probably be good if we knew what type and size of TV you're looking for. Good Luck.

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