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Thanks for the tip James99.

I followed your internet link, and learned it was on the HBO channel.

It said 10 PM to 11 PM EST on that schedule.

Went home after work (evening shift)... searched around... found it ...and I watched it on an Ottawa, Rogers, Digital Cable Channel @ friend's place where I'm staying.

The schedule on the internet said 10 PM to 11 PM EST - so I would have missed it.

But I found in on HBO2 Canada channel at a later time.

also Midnight to 1 AM on HBO2 ... on one of the movie channels in the three hundreds, Rogers Digital cable in Ottawa.

I think it was digital channel # 303 HBO2 Canada.

Anyway ... that was good. Funny. Talking about US Politics.

Martin Short (Canadian Comedian) was also on the show, in suit and BLUE "Conservative" tie.

A good laugh ... and talking about important U.S. issues / politics.

Real Time with Bill Mahar - Good show ... I used to watch it a few years back.

Like it. Thanks again for the tip.

(they certainly were not SHY with the bad language. A few F' words here and there ... I guess that's because they're not broadcast. Specialty channel, late night, not subject to regular broadcasting rules. Yes ... Adult show ... adult content ... still good... uninhibited, not watered down.)
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