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I noticed the broadcaster RAI Italia (Formerly RAI Internatzionale) was showing its soccer matches in 4:3, sometimes with black bars on the top. I noticed if I zoomed it or streched it, it would have a great deal of QP loss.

As of lately, I am noticing RAI Italia is now showing some soccer matches, especially todays game in an anamorphic widescreen image, squeezed in a 4:3 frame. This looks like a big improvement in PQ from the last method they were using.
The only thing the viewer must do is press the Aspect button on her or his remote, to stretch the image to fit the full screen, and not forget to turn it off later, unless you like watching people look fatter on tv.

I also watched a clip of OMNI news on their HD channel, showing sports, and they showed a clip of the RAI Italia soccer match in 16:9 and it still looked the same quality. so that means its broadcast in Widescreen but still in SD.

Still, its a big improvement from before when they were letterboxing it.
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