Radio Disney, a contemporary hit radio station targeted at children and teenagers under the age of 16 is now available for free in Canada through the Family Channel website.

Launched in 1996, Radio Disney is formatted like a traditional radio station, featuring prize giveaways (in which listeners can enter via phone, online and since 2008, text message) and occasional in-studio interviews called "Takeovers," which usually occur during the weekday late-afternoon timeslot.

In the U.S., the station is available on over 35 domestic terrestrial radio stations as well as through the internet via the Radio Disney website. Previously, the only way Canadians could receive the channel was to to subscribe to it through Sirius XM satellite radio. Due to geo-blocking measures, potential listeners from outside the United States were unable to stream the station to their computers.

The ability to stream Radio Disney to locations outside the U.S. is still blocked at the Radio Disney website so Canadians will have to visit the Radio Disney section of the Family channel website at for the live stream.

Digital Home checked out the site this morning and was able to stream the station through multiple web browsers though we did have a hiccup with Google Chrome which we were eventually able to get working.

Astral Media, owners of Family Channel, says the music stream available on the Family channel website will be the same feed heard south of the border.

Joe Tedesco, a Senior Vice-President at Astral Media says the move is an effort to further entrench the relationship in Family Channel viewers minds between Astral and Disney.

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