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I have two 8300's and over the past week or two, it seems that about once a day, pressing the Guide button will incorrectly bring up the awful Quick Start menu rather than the IPG.

In the settings I have it set to show IPG on first click of Guide.

And I'm sure I'm not somehow double-pressing the Guide button.

A couple of times I've been recording two shows, and press Guide, and I get the message that I must stop one recording to proceed (forget exact wording).

If I exit and try again, same message. Finally, after one recording stops, I'll press Guide, get the QS once, and after that the Guide button will revert back to normal operation, i.e. showing IPG, for the rest of the day.

Pretty annoying when I have to wait for an hour or two to browse the IPG, and maybe program a recording for later.

Anyone else notice this?
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