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If you're in the IPG press the exit key to leave the IPG instead of Guide and you won't be taken to the QS menu. (I guess if you have the QS Guide come up with only one press of the guide button, then there's not much you can do but wait for the recordings to end or stop one of the recordings.) Try to stay out of the IPG when recording two programmes, or use the various other channels or timeshift channels to preclude two simultaneous recordings while you're watching TV whenever possible. With the PVR, you should try to watch pre-recorded programmes instead of surfing.

As to the other item of your QS guide coming up with one press of the guide button, perhaps you have some IR interference which is causing the guide button to be "repeated" bringing up the QS menu. See the following thread on that topic and possible solutions. If you haven't already, do a reboot of the PVR.
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