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I can vouch for what the OP describes - I also have my QSG set to come up after the IPG, but every once in a while - maybe once a month or so - I will be recording two shows and press the Guide button, and I get the message that both tuners are in use and I have cancel a recording.

If I don't need one of the recordings, I will, otherwise I wait until one of the recordings complete, then press Guide. Either way, the next press of Guide brings up the QSG rather than the IPG, which explains the tuner message.

Once I exit the QSG and press Guide again, the IPG goes back to it's normal behaviour again and all is well in the world, generally for a few more weeks. I have done regular reboots as well, but it doesn't seem have any effect, as this has been happening (rarely) since the sequence option for the QSG was introduced.

Not sure what causes it, I just chalk it up to another bug in the software. It's pretty rare, so I don't get all worked up over it... ;)
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