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Firstly I think the extra letter on the end of the model designation stands for Canada. We get
our own special player WooHoo. One thing is that the description of the player is far from
accurate. It's almost like they copied and pasted it from the US site.
The box it comes in is pretty much on the money.

The front is pretty plain. What's underneath the drop down door is also. The display is
readable at a distance but some people might not be able to see it because it so small.

Setup was pretty easy, of course their is always stuff you don't understand and the manual
doesn't help, but I muddled through. What is a real plus after working with the crude GUI's of
dvd players, the menu's on the BD player are easy to look at and easier to use. Photos loaded

quickly and music played well through the USB. Gracenote was great for pulling info about
music off the Interweb. It recognized Don Messers Red River Waltz and the Carpenter with
more than just basic info. Same can be said about file and codec properties that can be
accessed by pressing the info button. The player also loaded quickly. So much so that would
would probably think it was a dvd player and not even realize this is not the norm.

What shocked me was how much of the burnt media it played. I still had lots of disc's left that
my panasonic refused to play and it played most. MKV, Divx, Xvid,H.264, and avi. were all
friendly to it. Plus they fill the screen unlike my component connection from
the pc.
Netcast is not present which I really didn't think would be a big deal but it would nice to have
access youtube and picasa. The remote is designed well. Nice size and location of the buttons
It is a lot easier to use than my panasonic dvd player. Plus because I also have a LG tv
SimpLink works well. It "controls all of your HDMI™ connected LG devices
with just one remote." It's no universal remote but it has
the basic functions for tv. One feature of simplink that might be may not be liked is that
when you turn on the player it will also turns on your LG TV and changes the input to
the hdmi that the blu-ray player is on. If the tv is on already on it changes the input
on the tv to the appropriate one.

Picture and audio are good but it would have to be pretty bad for me to notice. Upscaling
seems almost non existent for dvd's but it could also the tv just making 480p look so good. I
have done several firmware/driver upgrades and it was a smooth affair.

I do love the new interface that is pulled from the media. Blu-ray is a definite step up from
DVD. But why is their such a lack of carousels, it can't be all that hard to manufacture. That
was one disappointment. I got a great deal on the price as I had some Gift Cards for
Superstore I won in a "grocery" contest. Although it was cheaper the week before.

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Hmm! South of the border, the equivalent 550 model supports Netflix, YouTube, vudu, Picasa, Pandora, etc.

While some of these are not accessible here in Canada, Netflix now is, and this 550C Canadian variant supports none of these net services.

Great going LG!
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