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Hi experts,

I've been wondering this for awhile. With all other technology improving so fast, why is it that PVRs don't seem to. Don't get me wrong, I think the PVR is one of man's great accomplishments, seriously. I got mine over two years ago and just love it. Dual tuner with 20 hours of HD capacity. Today, the capacity has not improved. And to my knowledge, even an external hard drive to boost capacity is not yet available. Compare this to memory sticks for example, the price is always on a steep decrease while capacity goes up.

Regarding price, my PVR was retailing at $499 but I got it on sale for $399. I believe they have been on sale for as low as $299.

This year I've been keeping an eye on the price because I want to get my daughter one. It has been fixed at $449 for several months now. No sales that I have seen, even during the traditional Xmas sale time. This story is similar for HD boxes, which used to come on sale regularly for $149 but not anymore.

The only thing I can think of is we're not paying only for the technology but also paying Rogers' cut. They prefer us renting ($$) so if we buy they need to get their $$ (and that's understandable). I'm still of the opinion that buying is a much better deal. Could it be that the marketing strategy is that they wanted lots of PVRs out there to spread the word, so they made them cheap for awhile?

Finally, do any of you know what the future holds for PVRs? Can we expect upgraded capacity anytime soon?

Any thoughts? Thanks.
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