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question regarding connection

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I have a high def receiver setup and a standard receiver setup with Shaw. The standard receiver is hooked up to a high def TV, although I only get standard reception with this setup (call this the "second TV).

I lost reception on the second TV yesterday. The light on the receiver stays red and the message on the screen is frozen as "acquiring satellite signal". After talking to Shaw technical support, we concluded that the port at the dish had blown and will have to be replaced.

This is a complete drag, as it going to be out of commission for some time, and the second TV is the one that gets the most use, as it is conveniently located in the house.

I have a lot of RG cable, splitters and fittings, so would like to try this.

1. If I was just wanting to stay with the standard reception on the second TV, could I split the Tuner 1 cable, currently feeding the high def TV, and feed the second TV as well.

2. Could I split both existing Tuner 1 and 2 cables and feed both TV's, and if I replace the existing receiver with a high def one, will that work? Or, do you have to run two new cables from the dish for the second TV? You see, the dish is on the chimney of a two story house, and so the cables will have to run down the roof and along the outside of the house and also within the house, whereas the splitting can be done where the cables are conveniently located centrally in the basement.

I would appreciate your thoughts and help with this.


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Without knowing exactly which dish setup you have, it sounds like you should have 4 outputs from the dish.

Have you tried switching the cable run that goes to TV2 to the unused dish output?
Or temporarily switching TV2's cable into one of the ones feeding your 530?
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