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The data at the moment is unlimited but after March 20 it is limited to 250MB and any usage over that will be charge at $3/MB.

From TELUS' site:

Clients will receive unlimited data for 30 days every time they purchase or renew the Data + Messaging 20 add-on. On March 20, 2011, Data + Messaging 20 clients will receive 250MB of data regardless of when they purchased or renewed the add-on. The 250MB will expire with the expiry of the add-on. As of March 20, 2011, the pay per use and overage rate for prepaid 3G+ clients will change to $3/MB
Since there are no minutes on prepaid but cash and minutes are charged at 20c in the account, data should work. Unless of course you don't have cash to cover the 911 fees then maybe they could cut you off.
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