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Hello all!

I have Optik TV service and was looking to switch from Shaw to Optik High Speed Turbo internet service.
Telus CSR told me that there are 2 IP's included with that internet service. But he also told me that normally one IP would be taken by TV service leaving one for internet service.
I'm sensing something wrong here since IP that TV service uses is not real world internet IP, mine is which makes it private IP as far as I know.
The reason I need two IP's is that I need one for my VOIP service and another for my computer.
Was CSR correct in telling me about IP distribution or am I thinking correctly that TV service doesn't use internet IP and uses private network to deliver service?
That's the only thing that keeps me from switching. Well that and the fact the Optik High Speed Turbo is not yet available in my area :), again according to that same CSR, but hopefully will soon.
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