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Hello, I have a Pace HD DC550D receiver for Cogeco and today I've had audio problems on the HD channels. It's like the audio would "skip"/cut out for like a second at a time. It's hard to explain. I don't notice any pixelation problems though.

Back in early 2013, I had real bad pixelation on a couple of the HD channels and ended up calling Cogeco about it. A Technician came out and tested the line (the signal was strong), he cleaned the connections in the cable box that is outside the house. I also had the cable going through a surge protector then to the reciever, he bypassed the surge protector and connected the cable right to the receiver. He thought the receiver might have gone bad, but I told him that it was only bad pixelation on those couple of HD channels. The pixelation was gone after he did all of that.

My question is, can wifi interfere somehow with the cable tv/Pace receivers in some way? I have DSL internet with a Dlink wifi router. I went into the wifi settings and changed the wifi channel from 11 to 6 and it seems to have lessened the HD audio "cut outs"/skips

Thanks in advance,
Tom Martin
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