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PVR not recording series

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I'm having a problem with my PVR, and before calling Rogers and trying to deal with them I just wanted to see if anyone else is, or has had, similar problems.

Basically, I can create series recordings and they appear in the series manager, but they never record. They do not appear in the "Scheduled Recordings" section, nor do they turn red and show as if they will record in the guide. This morning one that should have recorded actually had the letters REC with a no symbol beside it.

I do have some other series that are recording fine, and my PVR is nowhere near full capacity (only at about 30%). I'm just wondering if I may have something set up wrong or if I do indeed have an issue.

I have the dual tuner PVR (in NB) and if of relevance, one of the shows that fails to record is "The Nate Berkus Show".

Thanks in advance if anyone has two clues if I'm having an actual issue or if I'm just a dummy.
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Did you set the series to record new episodes only? That option never works for me.
Yeah the first-run only option is often problematic. I usually need to set it to record first-run and repeats just to be sure. PITA.
As a matter of fact, I was using first run only. And now that you mention it, I think the ones that are working are ones set to record first runs and repeats.

I do remember that I had some first run recordings that were working, but they suddenly stopped recording a few months back. I didn't really care about them so just deleted them. I guess some update must have broken that feature.

Thanks for the help, guys. I'll try it and see what happens.
Same here (kind of)

I have certain series not recording properly on my one tuner PVR. They are on channels that I suspect are "on demand" like SRCHD and ComedyWest. Other stations like BBCCanada are hit and miss. But shows on popular TV stations record like planned. The problem started about two months ago.

I can't be bothered to call tech "support" so I'm simply going to try the TV-free way of life thanks to unlimited Internet with BellAliant and a Netflix subscription.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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