Public Mobile, providers of low cost wireless service in Toronto and Montreal , today announced it has expanded its roaming coverage to the United States.

The company's U.S. roaming rates will be the same as in Canada, 15 cents a minute to send or receive a call. Incoming texts are free and outgoing texts are 15-cents.

Public Mobile’s U.S. roaming partner is Sprint. Public Mobile’s roaming service extends across the Continental U.S. and includes Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. Only Alaska and Montana are not included.

To use roaming, Public Mobile customers must first deposit money into their account (called a wallet). Funds are taken from the accounts as roaming charges are incurred. Once the wallet is depleted, roaming is no longer possible until more money is added to the wallet.

Public Mobile currently provides wireless phone service to over 150,000 customers in Toronto and Montreal at prices starting from $15 a month.

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