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I have a very technical question for you guys.

I run MythTV with HDHomerun (HDHR3-US, latest firmware), and get TV Listings from EIT (the PSIP guide). Data for all known channels works fine, except CJNT-DT 62.1, which comes up empty. But guide data is fine on my LG TV set, and the transmitter PSIP clock is correct. I re-installed myth-backend from scratch last september and checked twice that 62.1 is getting data info from EIT. I have to manually program my shows, which isn't convenient.

During the Channel Zero era until last winter/spring the transmitter PSIP clock was off by ~30 minutes, so it didn't work for HDHomerun. When the clock was accurate, I had guide info in MythTV but there was major intemittent video/audio artifacts. They reverted back to 30 minutes off, video/audio was fine. Over the summer, technicians seems to have fix the PSIP Clock and the video/audio artifacts problem...

What's the technical problem here? My guess is there's a PSIP identifier for either the clock of guide data that TV sets like LG and Sony are able to read, but not HDHomerun. I do not have the technical knowledge or the software to verify that myself, which is why I'm asking for help here.

P.S.: My first post, but I'm not new, I just forgot my login info a long time ago...
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