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Hey folks (and David),

I traded a friend a malfunctioning DLP set (which he can fix) for a old beat up set of PSB Atoms that needed repair (which I can fix).

Not much to look at inside - an 8" woofer hooked directly to the binding clips, then wired through a simple inline crossover to the tweeter. Made in Belguim says the tweeter, whick looks like a 1/2" PSB dome mounted in a paper lined waveguide. It almost looks like a cone tweeter in some way, but isn't built like one.

Odd to say the least, especially since access is through the back panel, and the tweeter isn't even screwed in - it's bropped into the hole, and braced by a piece of particle board mounted to the back of the cabinet.

Anyone ever owned a set of these and had an impression (good or bad) either way. I do have a set of older PSB50s that I like alot, and wondered if the Atoms might even be compatable with these for my basement.
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