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I just purchased a H/K avr 1600 receiver and I was looking at speakers.

Options 1)

I can get a pair of almost new alpha B1 monitor for $100. Then I would purchase a Alpha C1 center. I would purchase later a Sub, For the rears, right now I have a pair of Bose Monitor 101 series 2 (6ohms). I can built on this system as I like.

Options 2)

For $500, I can get the PSB Alpha kit intro HT-1 that is:

# 4 x Alpha LR
# 1 x Alpha CLR
# 1 x SubSeries 1 Subwoofer

What are your recommendations?

BTW I love PSB speakers. I have their Atom speakers since 1987.



Hi Intravino - The Atom speakers are from another Canadian manufacturer called Paradigm. PSB is not really a Canadian company anymore, at least not in the same way Paradigm is. It's owned wholly by a distribution company called Lenbrook who also happens to own electronics brand, NAD.

If it's Paradigm you want, consider this - Monitor Atom v6 x 4, CC190 (centre speaker) and the PDR8 subwoofer.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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