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Wow... over the last week, I was in a heap of panic. My PS3 was not able to read Bluray movies, but was able to play PS3 games, PS2 games, and regular DVDs?!!

I scoured the web, and it was hard to find someone with a Bluray movie problem, but still able to play PS3 games (which are on Bluray discs).

My PS3 was out of warranty ~ 3.5+ years - original 60GB PS3. So, I figured, what the hell, might as well try to fix it myself. So, after getting the appropriate instructions from the web, I cracked it open and went step-by-step to clean it up. There was some dust accumulation, but not much. Then I got a 99% isopropyl alcohol and with some cotton swabs, cleaned the blue lens on the bluray player. After that, I put the whole thing all back together.

I tried the Bluray movie dics that failed, and voila!!! All working so far. Phew! No guts no glory... but it was an interesting exercise to say the least.
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