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PS3 + Resume on BD?

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Hello, i hope this hasn't been discussed already but i have a question pertaining to the Blue Ray player in the PS3 80 gig.. My wife and i treated ourselves to a PS3 this past Christmas. With it we bought a couple blu ray moves and the bluetooth Sony remote. We sat down and started watching the latest Pirates of the Carribean movie. In case some havent seen it, its a pretty long flick. So halfway through my wife gets up to make some popcorn, i press stop on the new bluetooth remote. When she returned we went to start it up again and it started at the beginning of the disc from the previews on. I had to once again start the move, and advance it track by track to get to the scene we were at.

Is there NO resume on the PS3 blu ray player? Am i doing something wrong? Again, i apologize if this has been covered in some other thread.

Thanks Alot.

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I found that the Resume feature works depending on the BD movie. Some have it, others don't. I just use the Pause button now if I want to pause the movie for a break.
Isnt stop for stoping the movie and pause for pausing?

With bluray is there a feature im missing that when u "stop" a movie its supposed to remember where you where? Similar to car stereo bringing you cd back on where it was when u turned off the car?
The "Resume" feature when you press stop is something that is common on many SD DVD players. It allows you to pause the movie at certain spot with the screen blank, so you can leave it for awhile and not worry about screen burn-in. When you press play, the movie continues where you left off. It's a little redundant now since many players have screen savers anyway when you leave it on "Pause" for a long time.

Some of my BD movies have that feature. Others don't.
I have been noticing this as well. Most of my older movies will resume, but, any of the new discs that I have bought recently, do not. It seems that discs that have picture icons (as opposed to the normal blue disc icon) in the PS3's XMB probably won't resume.

It is also worth mentioning, that you must press the "Play" button on the remote to resume your movie. If you press the "Select" button (which is what I usually do) it simply starts the disc from the beginning. And once you eject the disc, all resume info is gone.
Pressing stop more than once also will remove the resume functionality.
So is this inherent to the PS3 or all BD players? I'm just considering the PS3 even though I will never play a game.
It's not specific to the PS3. I have a BDP-S300.
Thanks to all that responded. I guess i'll be getting alot more use out of my pause button in the future. I do hope they decide to fix this little issue, i sincerely feel the auto resume is a nice feature. Especially if you are watching some seriously long movies like LOTR.

Take Care.

Make sure you press play when trying to resume, rathter than using the enter button. Ive never had a disc not resume including the movie in question.
That's interesting. Maybe it has to do with the player, then? I have a Sony BDP-S300 and when I press stop during the movie, the on-screen display will either say "Resume On" or "Resume Off" depending on which particular movie I'm watching. For me it's consistent with the movie.
Here's something interesting relating to this thread.

Last night for laughs i loaded Spider-Man 3 (BD) into my PS3. I watched the first fifteen minutes of it. I hit the STOP button on the Bluetooth remote. After it stopped i hit the PLAY button on the remote and was taken back to the beginning of the DVD from the previews on.

Then i thought.. why don't i try the same thing with the included Bonus DVD with all the special features and what not on it. I did the exact same thing.. I watched the first 15 mins and hit STOP on the remote. Immediately i hit PLAY. This time the DVD resumed right where i left off and it worked perfectly.

In conclusion, i must agree with Stargazer. It seems only certain BD movies support RESUME on stop. I only own a few BD movies. I will try it on the latest Harry Potter movie when i get a chance.


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I re-watched a couple of movies this past week and tested.

Hairspray = Resume Yes
Ratatouille = Resume No

It depends on the disc type and the authoring of the disc.

Players will support resume on the more basic Blu-ray discs (and DVDs). Resume is a basic feature built-into the players, but this feature is only supported on the basic discs.

However, on most more advanced discs, the disc software takes over all this type of functionality... but the software on those discs don't support resume.

So, stupidly, you get resume on the cheap discs and DVDs, but not on the big blockbuster movies. That Spider-Man III example is a good one of this weird situation.
Just to followup on this post.

The latest system update 2.20 for the PS3 is now out and fixes this issue. I haven't had a chance to try it yet.

Take Care.

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