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I have my ps3 hooked up to my sharp aquos via hdmi.

For some reason 8/10 times I would turn the ps3 off and switch to tv input..for some strange reason the audio for cable channels just wouldnt work. The problem would be fixed if i turned the ps3 on, then back off...then the audio seemed to work on the televion.

Now...I got done watching some familyguy dvd, turn the ps3 off, switched to tv input...NO sound at all on non-hd channels.

Analogue channels are stuck on "mono" sound and output a soft static sound...but no actual audio. The ps3 audio works fine for games and movies...but the tv itself is ****ed. Only hd channels produce I have 2 working channels and everything else doesn't work.

Does anyone know what the problem is, something to do with the hdmi maybe or what? I previous occasions the ps3 startup sound could actually be heard while still on tv input..this leads me to believe that the problem could lye with the hdmi.

Ok i "fixed" it for now...i literally just..unplugged the tv power cord and re-plugged it...suddenly sound is on all channels and im perplexed. Um..ok so wtf is the issue exactly lol..anyone?
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