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If the goal is to promote OTA broadcasting and reception ... THEN ...

( ... bring the magic of the GH to the masses ... keep the BDU's honest ... give the broadcasters a hand ... and increase the OTA viewership option )

I envision / I imagine - that at some point in the future - the good and most widely useful GH antenna designs should be made easily available to the masses.

How best to do that ?

Would that would mean some sort of manufacturing and sales?

Would that mean some sort of self assembly "Kit".

Imagine the GH designs ... make them modular.
A basic GH antenna - designed so NA rods and NA rod reflectors can be added if needed / or to allow experimentation and testing ... (bolt on or clip on assemblies / sub assemblies ).

Then, a way to attach 2 of these modular GH's together - if you want or need a DBGH.

(ability to do this is all incorporated into the basic frame and design of the antenna). [Like a MECHANO or LEGO toy kit.]

More and better antennas, w/options= more OTA viewers=more viewership=more ad revenues and money for broadcasters=more interest in broadcasting=more investment in broadcasting=more transmitters and programming and more interest in conversion to quality digital broadcasting.

If good GH designs have been developed here on the Digital Home Forum, by DH members here on the Forum... then the next logical step is to get those antennas "Out There".

(Keep control over the designs ... keep them "public domain" ... but license those designs out for manufacture ... w/conditions)

If the GH designs are a good thing - then make them available to the general public - including those, who, for whatever reason, may not wish to try and build their own.

For your consideration.

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Reading all the above .

...On a more humourous note ...

Ya - frustration finding/sourcing suitable antenna building materials, at reasonable cost for whatever you're trying to build ... "RETAIL" ... can drive you to drink.

Leads to frustration and - as mentioned - BEER Consumption.

But when you drink - you also get more creative - and then the process begins to feeds on itself.

The Artistic side of you begins to come out :)

w/alcohol you get more creative, devious, brazen.
(careful though - don't get in trouble)

funny ideas:
-BBQ grills as reflector screens - heavy but strong - square and pre-welded !
-Cut up the sides an old grocery cart - instant criss cross metal pattern !
-or perhaps some other type of metal basket or grill
-Visit the local dump / metal recycling depot and scrounge / used / recylce building material place (Canada - "Habitat for Humanity Re-Use it Center")
-Garbage night cruise. Dumpster cruise.
-Bike parts! (Spokes as reflector rods - you can actually buy or order stainless steel spokes!-some good quality wheels have very strong SS spokes! or you can disassemble a broken wheel and get plenty - i.e. visit your local bike shops for scrap)

Recently I found some possible good stuff at a Farm Supply place.
Used to be a Co-Op store, now a TSC store "The Incredible Country Hardware Store."
- various plastic parts and spacers for farm electric fences.
- fibreglass rectangular rods "fence spreaders" 5 and 6 ft lgths.
(they slip thru at the ends of a chain link fence - attach to pole w/hardware) tough thin and strong. 2-5 bucks each usually.

The Garden Centres at various stores. Plant support rods - plastic & fibreglass. Tough and flexible and strong. About the right length and about the right price. 2-5 bucks each usually.

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TSC store "The Incredible Country Hardware Store."
Some TSC stores have a good selection of white PVC and fittings but they are quite expensive. Also a good source for small rolls of fine galvanized steel mesh. Rona has white PVC and fittings for a good price but selection is limited (just 3/4" and 1" here.)
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